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PowerMatch helps business owners get focused and effective with their networking and business relationship building.  Our clients tell us the types of people they want to meet and network with and we match them up and schedule them to meet over coffee so they can figure out how to help each other!  Simply, it’s like eHarmony.com but for people who want to build business relationships!


 On their experience at HeadRoom:

“Becoming a HeadRoom resident has been invaluable for our development as a company.  Not only is the office space cool, but there is so much business experience to benefit from all in one spot!  Dan and John, through consultations with them and just having them around the office have transformed the vision of PowerMatch and its strategy to get there, in a clear and powerful way” ~Sara Rosenberg, Founder and Connector-in-Chief

Now that’s HeadRoom Magic!

Interested in learning more about how HeadRoom can help you grow your business? Want to set up a time to tour our collaborative spaces? Get more information here.



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