open sign on front door of a new business

5 Steps to Launching Your New Business

By Renee Page on 19 October 2021 - 4:47

  Are you starting a small business – but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry. Most small business owners were in the same position as you. Launching your own business is a wonderful opportunity. It’s also incredibly nerve-racking if you’re not sure about the proper steps to take. While some steps like thinking….

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employees in coworking meeting room on video call with a colleague

How to Stop Dreading Your Next Video Call

By Renee Page on 21 September 2021 - 3:58

  There were a lot of important life lessons learned during lockdown. One of the most important: video conferencing platforms are a lifesaver. Much like masks and social distancing, video conferencing helps keep communities safe by allowing companies to operate and communicate remotely from home offices during a global health crisis. As grateful as we….

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employee working in front of large computer monitors at home

Should Your Company Adopt a Hybrid Work Model?

By Renee Page on 17 August 2021 - 9:58

  With the community hopeful vaccinations will soon ease the threat of Covid-19, businesses who have operated remotely since last year are faced with a new challenge: Deciding if the traditional workplace model is still relevant. While some companies are returning to the full-time in-office work model, others have opted to remain permanently remote. The….

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two business owners meeting in person at a coworking space

3 Reasons Why It’s Time to Meet In Person Again

By Renee Page on 14 July 2021 - 2:36

Virtual meetings, whether you love them or not, were a necessity during lockdown. Since in-person meetings were no longer possible, this innovative method made it possible for businesses to conduct daily meetings, host team check-ins, communicate with existing clients, and meet prospective clients. Although this virtual option was a lifeline in so many ways, day-to-day….

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Five reasons to think about using Flexible Office Solutions

By Renee Page on 18 June 2020 - 3:05

The increased use of flexible office space is a trend that is likely to accelerate over the next year as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. We are not talking co-working here. Flexible office space is an office with windows and a door that can be used as needed or on a short term monthly….

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COVID-19: Response & Resources

By Renee Page on 14 May 2020 - 10:25

Our members and community are at the heart of everything we do.  Our top priority is being here to support your business and overall well-being. At HeadRoom, we don’t do open shared desk set-ups, instead you’ll have access to private offices with a window and door keeping you comfortable, focused, and socially distant.  We’re not….

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Strategy or No Strategy Have You Noticed the Difference?

By Renee Page on 7 November 2019 - 4:49

Having worked with many companies across multiple industries, I have begun to notice key differences between those with a vibrant, managed strategy and those without. One big difference is the level of energy and emotional engagement; from the front desk all the way to the CEO. You can just sense the cohesion and sense of….

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