Headroom collaborates with our amazing Residents to organize and implement networking events for small businesses that support growth and development. 

We have plenty of office space, conference rooms, and open areas to hold receptions or seminars. Most of our events include an opportunity to network with business owners and leaders over drinks and finger food.

If you are interested in attending or hosting a networking event, please call Renee at 610-548-5278.

The No Business Cards Event for Solo Entrepreneurs & Freelancers @ HeadRoom - Wayne
Nov 12 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

You read that correctly. No business cards are permitted at this networking event.

Why? Because we want you to have real conversations and get real value. Not use your business card as a crutch to feel like you accomplished something.

So what SHOULD you bring?

(1) A business problem that your need a resource or two for. Write it down. On a piece of paper. Or your hand. Don’t care. But bring a PROBLEM that you need to SOLVE.

We are going to post these up on the problem board for every one to read and help you out!

Why? Is this some gimmick?

Nope. It’s just our way to weed out the people who don’t actually want to build business relationships AND give you more than enough reason to add value to and help each other AFTER the event.

So how do I connect with people afterward, if I don’t have their business card?

Well, there’s this thing called Linkedin…..and also, if someone can help you with your problem, they will say so and you can whip out your phone and schedule a call RIGHT THERE!

Who should come?

This event is open to only SOLO entrepreneurs and freelance professionals. No salespeople, please. We love you guys, but this one’s just for business owners.


$10 – All proceeds benefit Love Yourself, Love Your Business – A mental health advocacy org that supports the mental health of entrepreneurs!

HeadRoom University @ HeadRoom - Wayne
Dec 12 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

HeadRoom Business University is a full-day workshop on the fundamentals of managing and growing your business no matter what stage it is in.


This course is for people who:

1. Are Business owners looking to move forward in a co-ordinated way

2. Want to have an overarching context for their decisions and actions

3. Need better oversight of their business whether they own it or not

4. Need to figure out a way to scale their business or business unit

5. Struggle with the life work balance and understanding the difference between urgent and important

Lead by John Tooher (See Bio below)

Number of spaces limited

Lunch included

Laptop computer required

1. Creating a Roadmap for your business Part 1

• Where are you and where do you want to go?

• How to conduct a Situation Analysis

• How to get a big picture view of your business or concept

• How to understand why you are uniquely placed to be successful

• Defining your destination or Desired Future State

Participants will be guided through an analysis of their business using the customized HeadRoom strategy roadmap workbook provided to all attendees

2. Creating a Roadmap for your business Part 2

• What are the few key things you need to do to get to your Desired Future State?

• How do we convert these things into objectives and assign a time line, budget and responsibility

• What will keep you going when the going gets tough?

Participants will leave with a one-page roadmap for their business or concept

3. Learning to measure how you are doing

• How to define the things that you need to know

• How to use them to drive your business forward

• How to create and use a P&L for your business

• How to create a budget and forecast for your business

Participants will leave with a means to monitor and manage the pulse of their business

4. Learning to work on rather than in your business

• How do you rise above the weeds and still get everything done

• Define the difference between Important and Urgent

• Defining who you are and who you aren’t – keeping focused on what you do best

• Telling your story

• Letting go

Participants will see a way to a more relaxed lifestyle while setting their business up for growth.

About John Tooher

John Tooher has been helping companies figure out where they are going and how they will get there for many years; starting with a 3000 employee company he lead out of KOP PA and followed by nearly 100 businesses since he co-founded HeadRoom in 2014. HeadRoom is an award winning business accelerator and home to over 80 companies in the Greater Philadelphia area.

www.headroomstrategy.com        www.headroom.net        John’s LinkedIn Profile