Developing a Strong Brand for Your Business

How well are you connecting with customers? Does your business have a name no one will forget? Are you an entrepreneur with a killer brand identity?

The start of 2015 is the perfect time for you to evaluate the strength of your business’s brand. Lou Imbriano, CEO of TrinityOne, Inc., says one of the first steps is to “understand the business niche you are in.” You have already developed a great product or service – make sure it does everything your customers need! Then it’s time to get the word out. Communicate your brand to customers and the loyal ones will pass it one. “When your consumers are fans of your brand and identify with it, they, too, will become vocal in spreading your brand’s message,” says Lou. Read More about developing your brand’s identity here.

HeadRoom Residents bring expertise in marketing, graphic design, and web development to the table. Need to start from the ground up? Brooke Forry and her colleagues at Curious & Co. will work closely with you to create a visual identity for your business. Are you a small business on a tight budget? Visit the Marketing Salon to take your brand onto flyers, t-shirts, banners, business cards, and so much more. Ready to bring your brand to the web? Drew Montemayor of DM Design Solutions specializes in developing responsively designed sites that will communicate your brand to the world. Reach out to us today if you’re ready to develop a strong brand for your business.

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