Do you have a mission statement? 

Every Business, large or small, needs a Mission Statement. A Mission Statement is simply one or more sentences that describe what you do.

Your Mission Statement should generally have the following content in any order that works:

(We) (What you do) (For Whom) (With What) (Resulting in What)

E.g.: (We) (make) (people’s lives) (more secure) with (state of the art home security devices).

We (delight our customers) by (understanding their needs and creating) (stunning websites) with (software they can later use themselves to update their content).

(We) (create) (multi-media solutions) that get (local businesses) (noticed today).


A Mission Statement must have some or all of the following properties:

Be memorable

Be believable

Contain something that differentiates you from the competition

Have some insight into the target customer’s world


Okay, that’s the Mission Statement out of the way. Why are you able to deliver on this Mission? You are able to do this because you believe in certain values, such as:

Highest Quality at the Lowest Cost

Honesty and Integrity

Websites are the window to the heart of a business


The Power of Imagination


It is very important to think about and communicate your values and beliefs. They are the principles that allow you to deliver on your Mission. You will find yourself using them again and again in your sales pitches, to your employees, over dinner, and in your sleep.

Happy Dreaming

The HeadRoom Team can assist your business or startup in exploring your values and beliefs creating a Mission Statement! Give us a call at 610-548-5278 or send an email,, let us know more about your goals and business plans.

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