Social Media – What Your Business Needs To Know

Multiple social media logosThe data is in, and the message is clear: your business cannot afford to ignore social media.

In early 2015 the Pew Research Center released their latest update on social media trends during the past year. Over 81% of American adults use the internet, and the percentage using social media increased across the board for every age group and site compared to 2013 and previous years. According to researchers, “Facebook remains by far the most popular social media site.” Fully 71% of online adults use Facebook, and 70% of those visit the site every day.

Usage of Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest continues to grow as well. For the first time ever, “52% of online adults now use two or more social media sites,” according to Pew. That is a 10% jump compared to 2013.

It is time to consider pushing your customer engagement beyond just a web presence and occasional emails.

Who Are Your Customers?

Customer engagement through social media can be very time consuming for the average solo-preneur and small business owner. The key to success? Don’t work harder, work smarter. Not every social media site is cut from the same cloth. The data collected by the Pew Research Center survey provides some hints to help target your audience:

Trying to reach Millenials?

Facebook remains the most popular social media site for young adults age 18-29. However, now more than 50% of Millenials use Instagram, which is a tremendous 16% jump compared to 2013. The popularity of this photo-sharing app will likely continue to increase through 2015 as well.

Targeting older adults?

Older adults continue to engage more with Facebook than ever before. In 2014, more than half of those using the internet who were 65 and older were on Facebook. That represents an astonishing 31% of all seniors.

Strong female customer base?

Pinterest is the place to be for many women, especially compared to their male counterparts. Now 42% of adult women online use Pinterest compared with only 13% of men. Additionally, researchers say that, “Women are particularly likely to use Facebook compared to men, a trend that continues from prior years.”

Looking to reach customers with higher incomes?

In 2014 Twitter saw significant growth among online adults earning an annual household income of $50,000 or more. And LinkedIn continues to gain followers among adults with a household income of $75,000 or more. However, the biggest change can be found among users with college degrees. “College graduates continue to dominate use of the site. Fully 50% use LinkedIn, a 12-point increase since last year,” according to Pew.

A New Social Media Platform

The social media landscape will likely continue to evolve significantly over the next few years. One new entrant on the scene happens to be local: Carii, the first Resident of HeadRoom back in 2014. Pronounced “char-ee,” this social media platforms focuses on connecting community members with common interests. For example, a local bicycling group can notify team members of upcoming activities, post pictures of their events, and discuss the latest needs of the group. Follow this link to learn more about Carii from our Resident Chat featuring CEO Denise-Hayman Loa.

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