Time To Think Outside The Box

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Lazy Days of Summer

We would all love the chance to take a break and get away during the summer. But not all small business owners can afford to take time off from their business, and yet it seems that’s what each potential client is doing. How can you get attention and keep developing new opportunities? That is the conundrum facing many solo-preneurs during the summer doldrums in July and August.

Get Creative

Angel investor and speaker Kelly Hoey says it’s time to get think outside the box. “Traditional work lulls are opportunities to dive deep into personal interests and to get wildly creative,” says Kelly. For example, it may be time to take a left turn away from the regular networking groups that your frequent. Have a passion for your pets? Take the time to visit a new dog park and have conversations with other owners. Before you know it, Kelly says, “Lazy summer days between assignments become as busy as the ones devoted to paying clients.”

Summer may also be the perfect time to test a new product or service offering. Take the time to reach out to long-time clients to find out how their business is going. They may have a new need that you can fulfill, or it may give you inspiration to improve the service you’re currently providing to clients.

In this Inc. article, Kelly provides excellent examples of ways to strengthen your productivity and business development during the summer. Read more here. Learn more about our coworking spaces in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, in Media and Wayne, PA.

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