Who uses Coworking spaces? Well, everyone.



We’ve seen it all. From individual entrepreneurs to companies of 50+ employees, and everywhere in between, many are looking to coworking spaces for an affordable office or meeting space solution. And they’re loving it. Traditionally, virtual office spaces, co-working spaces, and shared office space are the place to be for startups and budding entrepreneurs. Increasingly, however, more established companies and professional service providers are viewing this type of space as part of their business needs. Whether it is as a satellite office or an alternative to fixed office space and the associate overheads, the flexibility and lower level of commitment involved, combined with our growing ability to run a business from our laptops, makes this business tool increasingly attractive for everyone.


Sole Proprietors

Individual service providers such as CPAs, lawyers, and marketers can save the cost of maintaining a dedicated space but still have the opportunity to work in a well-equipped office and meet their clients when required in a professional environment. No need for all the investment required to set up and maintain a place of business, just book a room and get the business done. In addition, most flexible office spaces offer a business address with mailing and telephone answering services to complete all requirements necessary to run your operations. You can also use the space to hold workshops and receptions for clients and potential clients building your leads and fostering good relations with your people.



Money can be tight when you are starting up and the ability to use temporary office space while you grow your business and save your funds is vital. A lot of start-ups meet in coffee shops; this is fine at the concept stage but once you need to get really invested in proving the feasibility and developing the product or service it makes sense to use a co-working facility so your team can start taking things seriously. You will have plenty of space and all the whiteboards and projection screens you need to brainstorm and collaborate. You may also bump into other start-ups and subject matter experts that can help you develop your idea and business. If things go well, you can grow your team, expanding your use of space as you do so but that doesn’t mean you have to look for a new office; you just rent more hours of office space. Once you have reached a certain size or stabilized around a set number of people, you can start to think about a permanent facility or alternatively just stay where you are.


Large Conference Room Coworking Office Space Headroom

Corporate Orphans

You are in Philadelphia and your corporate HQ is in Austin. You work from home and most of the time that works. But every now and then you know it’s going to be difficult to concentrate or have the confidence that the dog isn’t going to start barking while you are talking to a very important potential client! Perhaps you just feel the need to get out of your home and meet and talk to people. In both cases, using a co-working flexible office solution allows you to leave your home for several hours two or three times a week and go and make that important conference call or just get some purposeful work done. Hopefully, you will feel a sense of creativity and focus you don’t always get at home.


Field-Based or Work from Home Companies

Your team is mostly field-based and/or working from home. You don’t really need offices but you would like somewhere to meet both individually with members of the team and as a team as a whole. Perhaps your team also needs professional office space to meet clients. All of this is possible using flexible, co-working office space. The whole team can use the space and you are only paying by the room not the number of people using it. They can all utilize the Wi-Fi, free refreshments, LED screens for presenting, and printers and scanners when required.

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