Benefits of Suburban Philadelphia Coworking Spaces

With the rise of entrepreneurship and startups, coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in every major city around the world. Working in the bustle of a big city, however, can be intimidating. Between the crowds, distractions, and the commute, you can lose productivity and precious time.

That’s where suburban Philadelphia coworking spaces come in. Gathering outside the city offers a slew of benefits. Aside from the time-sucking commute, coworking in Philadelphia can come with steep parking fees, closed roads, wrong turns, and wading through the crowd of other workers heading into their tightly-packed offices. Coworking spaces nestled in the suburbs are not only convenient to home, but provide free or low-cost parking with the ease of heading in the opposite direction as morning rush hour traffic.

Office Spaces for Small Businesses & Startups

As an outstanding coworking space near Philadelphia, Headroom brings the success and efficiency of a growing coworking scene to the City of Brotherly Love’s suburbs. With locations in Media and Wayne, Headroom provides collaborative spaces for individuals, small businesses, and startups to break free from the monotony of home offices and coffee shops. Their collaborative office spaces and strategic planning services allow members the opportunity to network, obtain referrals, and build a common knowledge base.

Large Shared Office & Networking Opportunities

While most coworking locations carry the benefits of being economically efficient and abundant in networking opportunities, the perks of a suburban coworking Philadelphia space include a convenient proximity to home as well as an increased ability for team bonding. City coworking offices have a tendency to fill up quickly, leaving only corners and small desks for most occupants looking for a place to work. At Headroom’s coworking locations in Media and Wayne, residents are afforded larger spaces, conference rooms, and charming local views differing from the metropolitan scenery of a neighboring building’s brick wall.

Coworking Spaces Close to Philadelphia

However, suburban Philadelphia coworking spaces aren’t just for those native to the suburbs. Locations in Media and Wayne are easily accessible by SEPTA, as well as being situated just off of major highways like I-476, I-95, and I-76. If you’re a Philadelphian looking to get out of the city to focus, or are looking for a quiet and comfortable yet professional space to meet with clients, our convenient locations are perfect.

A high-quality Philadelphia coworking space within the realm of a startup budget, Headroom offers excellent opportunities for growth in collaboration, strengthening business development, and providing the space to engage teams, clients, and coworking partners. Our suburban locations offer all the benefits of coworking in Philadelphia without the accompanying inconveniences.

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