HeadRoom Magic: Part 1

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SnyderLAW offers outsourced general counsel and intellectual property services, such as copyrights, trademarks, and patents. They are working to change the conversation between business and their legal counsel by utilizing technology, and by providing an innovative subscription fee service called Scribe®.


On their experience at HeadRoom:

“Moving into HeadRoom allowed SnyderLAW to collaborate with local consultants and providers, to expand it’s team, and to host informational events. As of this writing, and since moving into HeadRoom only 9 months ago, SnyderLAW has increased its revenue 100%.”~Janelle C. Snyder, Esquire



Take advantage of HeadRoom’s collaboration resources and virtual business services and watch your company grow! HeadRoom’s coworking spaces allow small businesses and entrepreneurs to network with like-minded professionals. Contact Renee at  610-548-5278 or reach out to us online to learn more about our services:


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Our residents collaborate with like-minded professionals, share business knowledge, skill sets, and experiences – it’s what makes HeadRoom’s shared office spaces special. Read testimonials and learn more about the Philadelphia area businesses that choose HeadRoom for their coworking and office space.

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