How Do People Use HeadRoom?

HeadRoom Wayne Reception

What’s it like co-working at HeadRoom?

We can answer that question with a question. Who uses co-working space?

In order to explain the benefits of utilizing the HeadRoom co-working locations, let’s imagine a day in the life of three typical HeadRoom residents.


Sara, CPA

Sara needs to do an analysis of one of her key client’s accounts and send them a report. They need it by Thursday. It will take about two hours, but she needs to be able to focus without interruption. She goes online to HeadRoom’s booking platform, LiquidSpace, and looks for a single office in the Wayne location. (She’s planning to have lunch with a friend in Paoli when she’s done!) She books room 3 which is available when she wants it. The system confirms space is hers and she’s all set.

On Thursday morning Sara comes into HeadRoom and goes to her prebooked office. She opens her laptop and connects to the WIFI. She wants to print out a one-page form she uses when she’s doing her analysis. She prints it and then makes herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen before settling down to get the report completed. While she’s in the kitchen, she meets Lissa who tells her she knows someone who is looking for accounting support and promises to make an email introduction. She returns to her spacious office, closes the door, and two hours later she is finished with the report in her client’s inbox. Job complete. Time for some fun! Before she leaves for lunch, she checks to see if there is any mail in her mailbox.


Software Development Company Using Coworking Space HeadRoom


Zack, Software Development Company Owner

Zack has 12 employees who all work from home offices. Every Wednesday Zack books a large conference room for the team’s weekly in-person meeting. Zack and his team are able to meet both to work collectively and update each other and Zack on progress. The time in the office also serves as an opportunity to do some team building and the occasional training session. Zack and his team are able to use a large LED screen or digital whiteboard to access progress reports and share updates with each other. There are also multiple whiteboards for sketching out concepts or recording important points. The team often has pizza delivered from a nearby establishment and in non-COVID-19 times, share a beer in the kitchen area before heading home.

The great value for Zack is that if he or any members want to use the space at other times they can. HeadRoom provides several members of his team as well as Zack access to a mobile app that allows them access to the location outside normal office hours, so anytime they want to come in after-hours or over the weekend they can. Zack often schedules partner and client meetings before and after his team session on a Thursday.


Collage with People Using HeadRoom Co-working spage


Lissa, CPR trainer

Lissa and her team of 3 provide CPR training to 5-8 people at a time at HeadRoom. She books a conference room twice a week for several weeks in advance and can arrange the modular tables into a classroom setting when she arrives. She often gives training workshops over the weekend as well. One of her colleagues occupies the front desk at the reception to greet incoming trainees and have them fill in the required documentation.

In pre-COVID-19 times Lissa held a meet and greet wine and cheese event in HeadRoom’s spacious reception area for her clients and prospective clients. She often invited guest speakers, and this was a productive opportunity for her to drum up business.

Lissa also makes use of the many co-working space benefits, including a telephone answering service that comes with her monthly membership. She forwards her mobile phone to a unique number given to her by HeadRoom and when someone calls her, they get through to the HeadRoom receptionist who can answer on behalf of Lissa’s company. A message will be taken and if the call is outside office hours, and a voicemail is automatically sent to Lissa’s email so she can follow up later.


All this costs Sara, Zack, and Lissa just $350.00 per month! No utility bills, no cleaning fees, no hidden costs, and no long-term commitment.


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