Small Business Re-Engineering

Why do you need a Strategy?

So you are a small business or someone with an idea. The day-to-day workload consumes all your time, your budget is tight and sometimes you wonder if you are making any progress at all. At HeadRoom we believe life can become a lot less cluttered and you can become way more efficient by simply taking a day (two half days) to create a medium-term roadmap of where you want your business or idea to take you and what you need to overcome to get there. Once completed and if fully adopted, you’ll find yourself taking a razor sharp approach to every decision that needs to be made. Simply put, either a course of action, a meeting, a conference or an investment, supports your roadmap or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t you don’t do it. Unless you are continuously building momentum that is propelling you toward your defined goals, you are wasting time and your life. Read on to see what we can offer you.

Strategy Workshop

This workshop is designed for small businesses and start-ups and is held over two sessions. Session 1 lasts 6 hours is usually held on a Saturday. Up to 4 businesses will be in attendance. Each business can have 3-4 attendees maximum. Participants are provided access to a workbook containing forms, tables and diagrams to be completed. Each group will be provided with a breakout room where they will complete the sections of the workbook, following the outline below. Advice and guidance is given to the participants from time to time throughout the workshop. Session 2 usually lasts 3-4 hours and can be held during normal office hours. These sessions take the form of a direct engagement and are scheduled and delivered to each business individually.

Session 1

  1. Outline of process and goals for the sessions
  2. Defining your business’s Mission Statement, your values as a person or organization, and why you believe you can deliver on your Mission
  3. Situation Analysis. How does your world look right now? An area-by-area review of the external and internal forces that are at play.
  4. Drivers for Change. What are the Drivers that exist today that may have an impact in the near future?
  5. Assumptions about the Future State. What will the environment look like then?
  6. Rating the Importance and Certainty of the Key Drivers

Session 2

  1. The Desired Future State
  2. Strategic Objectives. Given the current state, the most important and certain Drivers and the desired Future State, develop 4-5 Strategic Objectives for your business.
  3. Timeline: Develop an outline plan covering a 2-3 year span of time

Headroom brings together years of strategy and start-up experience into a 2-day workshop to help propel your business forward. Our next workshops will be held on January 17th and 24th. Contact us if you are ready to move your business forward!

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